What You Should Know About Conventional Dentures

Even if we take care of your teeth all your life, sometimes events (and genetics) leave us requiring full or partial dentures. When that happens, dentures still require the care and attention of natural teeth. After all, they’re in your mouth and can accumulate bacteria and affect your overall health. Proper care will help your dentures last a long time and keep you feeling good.

Caring for Your Dentures

Dentures are susceptible to wear and tear and acids from decaying and sugary foods. While they are not ridiculously expensive, you do not want to have to replace dentures every year. You also want to avoid health problems resulting from bacteria building on your gums. Following these simple tips will help maintain dentures and keep you healthier:

Regular Care Adds Life to Dentures

● Rinse After Every Meal – A quick rinse after you eat will rid your mouth from debris from food and particles. After removal, place a towel under dentures to prevent accidental breakage.

● Care for the Entire Mouth – When you remove dentures, take time to care for gums and any remaining natural teeth by brushing and using a mouthwash recommended by your dentist.

● A Good Soak – Dentures can begin to lose their shape if they aren’t kept moist. Soak them every night after you take them out.

● Rinse Again – Denture solutions are good for dentures, but can be detrimental to your mouth (or cause vomiting). Rinse dentures thoroughly before placing them back in your mouth.

Regular Care Adds Life to Dentures

Help your dentures last a lifetime and remain comfortable enough to enjoy favourite foods. If you need new dentures or require repairs, contact The Dental and Denture Office today. Our their team of experts will have you back in a high quality set of dentures in no time. Call us at (905) 815-8208 or (905) 330-3000.