It is important to have good oral hygiene habits before, during and after dental implantation to ensure the health of the implant. The surrounding gum tissues around the implant should look pink and firm. They must have no signs of infection.

Bleeding and Swelling

Aftercare for Dental Implant SurgeryBlood or any redness in the saliva is normal within 24 hours after the surgery. However, if the mouth fills up with blood quickly, try biting down on a gauze pad placed directly on top of the bleeding. Do this for 30 minutes. If the bleeding does not stop, call your dentist or oral surgeon immediately.

To minimize the swelling, apply an ice pack on your cheek for 10 minutes at a time and then remove for 20 minutes before holding the ice pack against your cheek again. You can do this continuously for the next 36 hours after the surgery. After this, gentle heat from a warm pack may be more beneficial. When sleeping, you can also prop your head up on two or three pillows if this provides more comfort.

Take a local anesthetic for the pain or follow your dentist’s prescription.


Dental Implant SurgeryOnly have cold drinks and do not eat solid food until the anesthetic from the surgery wears off. Avoid drinking or eating anything that is too hot the day after your surgery. Avoid touching or even running your tongue on the surgical area.

Smokers are strongly advised to avoid smoking until the surgical area is completely healed.