Top Contributors to Tooth Decay

One of the top contributors to the loss of teeth is decay or destruction of tooth enamel (the hard, outer layer of teeth). Tooth decay occurs when plaque (a sticky film of bacteria) forms on the teeth. When a person eats or drinks food that contains sugar, the bacteria produce acids that attack the […]

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Going Digital: X-ray Benefits

One of the best things digital technology brought to the world of dentistry is the development of digital radiography (or digital X-rays). Introduced more than 25 years ago, digital sensors negated the need for traditional photographic film.

While digital X-rays have not completely replaced photographic ones, more dentists and dental offices are making the switch. […]

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The Dangers of Mouth Cancer

Cancer is a terrible disease that does not discriminate. The rarer the cancer, the harder it becomes to understand its complexities and identify treatment options. Mouth cancers are among the rarer cases of cancer in Canada, but it is steadily taking more victims every year.

The Canadian Cancer Institute estimates that by 2017 around 4,700 […]

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Why Mothers Can Be More Likely to Lose Teeth

Remember the “old wives tale” about mothers losing most of their teeth because their babies absorb all the calcium? While time and research has long dispelled this myth, there is still some truth about mothers being more likely to lose their teeth. Pregnant women do need to take additional care of their gums and […]

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Sweet Tooth? Ways to Snack and Avoid Cavities

You can satisfy a craving for sweet munchies from time to time while protecting your teeth from cavities. Most of us know that sugary beverages and candies contribute to tooth decay. However, sugar is not the only culprit in causing cavities. Decay often occurs when teeth are exposed to acids. Within twenty minutes after […]

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