Teeth are significant assets in every individual but they are commonly neglected. When we were young, we are told to take good care of them by brushing them regularly. As we grew up, we took care of them by still brushing them regularly and seeking a dentist regularly too. We sometimes undergo corrections of our teeth like putting on orthodontic braces, retainers, dental fillings, and also undergoing dental cleaning. But, there are really times when we take our dental health for granted which results in unfortunate events such as tooth extractions and replacement of natural teeth with artificial ones.

Our teeth do not always grow every now and then. For a permanent tooth, it just grows out once and by the time it is extracted, you would suffer the consequences of its loss. Some of these consequences are difficulty in eating, difficulty in speaking and the low self-esteem brought about by inability to smile with confidence. Good thing there is such thing as replacing it with a denture. A denture serves as a replacement for a tooth or even a group of teeth that are missing. It is removable and this feature of the denture also becomes its drawback because at some point, your activity with your mouth becomes more limited than the usual. For example, you cannot eat hard foods.

There are advances made in the field of dentistry specifically cosmetic dentistry. This is the usage of dental implants. Dental implants are permanent replacement of absent or missing tooth.

Here are the advantages of using dental implants:

1. Permanent. The dental implants are made to fuse with your bones. They are not removable.

2. Increase self-esteem. You do not hesitate to smile anymore. This time, you smile with full confidence.

3. You can speak naturally. A missing tooth makes it hard for a person to speak. Once it has been replaced, the speech of the person can be improved just like the time when he still had his complete set of teeth.

4. They bring comfort. Unlike dentures, dental implants provide you comfort because you do not have to worry if you can eat hard foods or if it will accidentally dislodge when laughing or speaking.

5. Durable. The dental implants are durable and last for a long time and may even last for a lifetime if you just take good care of them.

Such dental implants are now available in dental clinics nowadays. For those in Brampton, Ontario, there is a dental clinic that also provide such services.