Dental Implants vs. Dentures – Which One is for You?Dentures used to be the first option most people would take to replace their missing teeth, but they’re quickly being replaced by an increasingly popular alternative in dental placements. And with the modern dental techniques we use at the Dental and Denture Office, we can provide you with the beautiful and natural smile of your dreams that should last a lifetime.

Why Implants?

1. Goodbye Denture Problems

Dental implants completely eliminate these daily issues associated with ill-fitting dentures:

· Sore gums

· Awkward appearance of the mouth

· Difficulty in eating

· Slurred or impaired speech

In contrast, dental implants that have been properly installed allow you to eat easier and talk more naturally.

2. They’re Far More Comfortable

Dentures, especially ill fitting ones, are prone to slippage, moving around your mouth even when you’re just talking. This results in a slew of issues, from sore gums, to an unpleasant sensation in your mouth. Dental implants on the other hand, stay in place thanks to the titanium posts holding the false tooth to your jaw bone. This results in a more natural and comfortable fit, even when eating crunchy food and talking.

3. They’re Permanent

Dental Implants vs. Dentures – Which One is for You?Because implants are screwed directly into the jaw bone, they’re far more stable, more durable, and practically last a lifetime provided they’re well taken care of—just like real teeth. And because they’re permanent and non-moving, they feel more comfortable and more natural—again, just like real teeth.

4. They’re More Natural

Dental implants are specially made to look the real thing. They can be fabricated to match the shape, color, and even gloss of existing teeth, ensuring they fit right in and don’t stand out.

Many people with missing teeth often suffer from insecurity because of their missing smile. At the Dental and Denture Office, we can restore your smile and confidence by helping you find the best possible option for replacing your missing teeth.