Do You Really Need to Replace Missing or Decaying Teeth?Many people do just fine with a few missing teeth, I’ll be just fine too.

This is often what many people think of about their missing teeth. Sure, you might do fine with missing teeth with your gums, which seem to firm up to compensate for missing teeth. Sure, you might get away with decaying teeth with cracks and holes until they completely fall out.

But then again, your missing or decayed teeth might just lead to bigger issues not just on your teeth, but your entire body as well.

Potential Problems

Having just one missing or decaying tooth can affect the surrounding gums and teeth, especially when good gets stuck in the gap, promoting the growth of bacteria that can enter the saliva and system. At the very least, having a gap in your teeth increases the likelihood of other teeth moving to compensate for the gap, which in turn can shift the overall position of your entire jaw. And as the rest of your teeth shift and become loose, they become more susceptible to decaying and falling out.

So as you can see, just one missing tooth can lead to a downward spiral of bigger health problems.

Challenges of Having One to Several Missing Teeth

Living with one or several missing or decaying teeth over a prolonged stretch of time puts you at risk for a host of challenges, ranging from minor to serious issues, such as:

Do You Really Need to Replace Missing or Decaying Teeth?· A speech impediment and change in your facial structure caused by a poorly positioned jawbone

· A loss of confidence over an imperfect smile and poor dental health

· Problems chewing a wide assortment of foods

· A higher likelihood of developing gum disease, which can lead to full blow heart disease and diabetes

Don’t settle for having missing teeth. Talk to the professionals here at the Dental and Denture Office to explore your options for teeth replacement.