Denture ServicesHaving problems with difficulty chewing because of missing teeth? You may lack confidence because of the “spaces” when one smiles or talks. Thankfully, there are several solutions to fix these dilemmas. One effective means of getting your beautiful smile back is by opting for dentures.

Dentures are an effective option for replacing missing teeth and their surrounding parts. They can either be complete or partial that can be easily removed or implant attached. There are a number of advantages from using dentures. First, they will restore the chewing ability of an individual allowing him or her to bite food more effectively than having missing teeth. Second, dentures help restore natural facial appearance and fullness that was lost because of the missing teeth. Teeth act as support to the cheeks so the face won’t “sag”. Lastly, dentures help the proper enunciation of words.

Getting used to dentures may take some time but learning to use them is possible for anyone with a little bit of patience. During the initial phase of wearing, one may experience excessive salivation or even soreness of the gums. One must also be careful upon eating some food groups particularly the hard ones in order to avoid denture breakage. It is also important to keep the dentures clean to ensure proper oral health. It is highly recommended that dentures should also be regularly examined by the denturist. Dentures should be examined for proper fit and function every year to make sure no damage is being done to any adjacent teeth or supporting bone.

Feel confident and look better with our denture services. We guarantee restoration of your teeth. Have a precious smile enjoy food once more with our industry leading equipment and technology. We take pride in involving our patients through every step of the treatment planning process.