Beautiful SmileFrom the days when it was mainly focused on tooth extractions, tooth fillings, and prevention, the field of dentistry has certainly gone a long way. Today, an equally important purpose for a dental visit would be to improve a patient’s teeth and gums – allowing the patient to have that beautiful smile and an enhanced overall appearance. This component of dentistry has become known as aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry and includes the following treatments:

Dental Veneers
The use of dental veneers has become one of the most popular applications of cosmetic dentistry today. Dental veneers are made from very thin porcelain materials that are shaped to cover the surfaces of the front teeth. Once the veneers are bonded to the affected teeth, these will now look just like the other existing teeth. You may want to avail of dental veneers to cover stained teeth, to close the gaps between teeth, and to repair any cracks or chips present in your teeth.

Dental Crowns
Aside from affecting its function, a tooth that is broken or filled heavily will definitely not look very pleasant. You may decide to have your dentist attach a dental crown over the damaged tooth in order to regain that pleasing appearance and restore strength of the tooth. With today’s advances, a dental crown can be made to look very similar to the other teeth. In attaching the dental crown, the dentist will shape the original tooth in such a manner that the crown can be fitted to appear as natural as the other teeth.

Dental Bridges
The emergence of dental bridges has become a very effective method of filling gaps between teeth. This problem was traditionally addressed by the use of dentures, which felt very uncomfortable to many patients. A common way of using dental bridges is to crown existing teeth between gaps and place a false tooth in between. Another way of applying this method is to use an adhesive bridge with the use of metal wings on both sides.

Cosmetic Dentistry TreatmentsTooth Implants
For those who may not be in favor of dental bridges or dentures, a tooth implant would be a good alternative. Made of titanium, the implant is inserted surgically into the jawbone. These are then used as anchors in which to attach dental crowns. Although this can be very expensive, this method has been proven to be very effective, allowing the patient the full use of a tooth.

Tooth Whitening
While tooth whitening may have been observed in the past, this still forms part of cosmetic surgery since the main purpose is the enhancement of a person’s appearance. This procedure basically consists of removing stains in the tooth through the various options available right now. Although this may be done by the patient in his or her home, it would be advisable to have the dentist carry out the whitening procedure.

Other Options
In addition to those mentioned here, there are numerous other ways a patient may be able to enhance his or her appearance through aesthetic dentistry. These include dental bonding, tooth-colored fillings, enamel shaping, braces, gum reshaping, gum grafts, and dentures. It would be best to talk to your dentist on the available options during one of your regular dental visits.