Do You Really Need to Replace Missing or Decaying Teeth?

Losing a tooth or a few teeth can happen…..accidents, illness and age….are all reasons this could become your reality. Tooth loss can create a trauma to your body and being. For many people, it is a very difficult experience to deal with and therefore, requires a Dentist or Denturist that understands how you are feeling. This is why a FREE consult here at the Dental and Denture Office is the right place to begin.

Dr. Bonnell, (our Dentist) and Daryl Bonnell, (our Denturist) will answer all of your questions and fill you in on the latest in Implant Dentistry so that your missing tooth ( or teeth) can be replaced professionally and promptly. The Dental and Denture Office has the experience that you can count on when it comes to filling in that toothless grin so that you can get back to living life with a confident smile and the ability to eat and enjoy all the foods you love!


Implant Technology can provide a replacement tooth for you through an in-office procedure where the Doctor places an abutment ( a small, screw like piece) into your jaw bone. Over a few months, your bone grows around this abutment to become strong and secure. Once the abutment has settled in firmly, the cosmetic tooth is placed on top of the abutment and viola! Your new tooth is perfect.


With our 30 plus years of experience, we can help to get you on the right path with your personalized, treatment plan. Remember, the consult is FREE…we want to help you by informing you about how implants can change your life! If it is keeping your dentures in perfect placement, or replacing a knocked out tooth, or getting picture, perfect ready for a wedding or special celebration…..let us help.

Implant Inspiration -- You Don't Have to Live with a Missing Tooth

If you are at all curious about undergoing an implant procedure but have anxiety and fear concerning the procedure itself from a pain and recovery standpoint or from a financial view ….read some of our testimonials from patients who have had some of those very same concerns. Their reviews speak for themselves.

So, do not hesitate to call us at the Dental and Denture Office. We look forward to hearing from you, we look forward to meeting you. We want you to be able to ” Eat, smile, enjoy life”!