Keeping Teeth Healthy Well into Retirement

Archaeologists have discovered intact, mummified human teeth that are thousands of years old. Substances like tooth enamel can far outlast the normal human lifespan, but tooth decay can be a problem while we’re still on this earth. Not every aging person needs teeth replaced by appliances. Proper early tooth care and oral hygiene can help you keep natural teeth your entire life.

Daily Cleaning

Bacteria that destroys teeth flourishes in unclean environments. Brushing teeth at least twice daily removes bacteria and food particles, promoting lifelong integrity of the enamel.

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Annual Exams

Many tooth problems can’t be detected by the average person, especially when there’s no pain. Annual and semi-annual visits to the dentist can pinpoint potential problems which shorten the lifespan of healthy teeth.

Avoiding Tobacco

Halitosis and ugly stains are not the only problems of regular tobacco use. Smoke can cause blood vessel problems in the mouth, compromising tooth health. Smokeless (chewing) tobacco can cause receding gums and oral cancer. E-cigarettes are new and unproven, but likely will cause eventual damage.

Proper Nutrition

Teeth have complex nerve and tissue systems. Like any other part of the body, balanced nutrition is the key to health. Be sure to consume foods rich in minerals and vitamins for strong teeth that are resistant to decay.

Keeping Teeth Healthy Well into Retirement

Stop Certain Habits

Some people tend to chew on hard objects, or grind their teeth during sleep or during periods of anxiety. Grinding teeth whittles away layers of protective enamel, opening doors to problems like premature tooth loss and cracking.

Replace Lost Teeth

The arrangement of teeth in a healthy mouth allows for correct biting and chewing. A full set of teeth creates a protective barrier against decay. If a person has a gap left by a missing tooth, there is greater risk of tooth loss in the rest of the mouth. Partials, dentures, and strong implants can adequately replace a missing real tooth.

Do I need Dentures?

Gum Health

Many older people experience the loss of healthy teeth because of chronic gum problems. Pay equal attention to gums when cleaning teeth. Adopt a regimen of flossing and gum massage, along with daily brushing.

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