What Are Conventional Dentures? What Benefits Will They Provide?


Conventional dentures refer to a full set of dentures placed in the mouth when all the teeth have been removed. There are many benefits to having these dentures. If you have lost most or all of your teeth, chewing food can be problematic. You may start avoiding eating crunchy, healthy foods you previously enjoyed. With conventional dentures, you will once again have a full set of teeth (albeit artificial ones). Dentures replace some function you had before losing your natural teeth and allow you to enjoy several foods you could not with missing teeth.

Having conventional dentures can also improve your overall health and digestion. With a full set of teeth, you chew foods more efficiently. When teeth are missing, you lack the pre-digestion necessary for the proper absorption of nutrients in your food.

Dentures provide other benefits, including restoring the appearance of your face and jaw. When we lose our teeth, muscles in the face and jaw begin to sag. Putting dentures in the mouth helps to reduce or stop this sagging altogether, thereby preserving the natural shape of your jaw. Your confidence will improve; there will no longer be any need to feel embarrassed or hide missing teeth. With dentures, you can smile once again.

How Do I Know If Conventional Dentures Are for Me? What Is The Procedure Like?

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If you are missing most or all of your teeth, you are likely a strong candidate for conventional dentures. Your denturist can make an appropriate decision whether conventional, overdenture or dental implants are best for you. Before deciding to get dentures, consult a denturist to guarantee it is the best option for you.

At the initial consultation, the denturist will determine if any teeth are healthy before recommending removal for dentures. If s/he does, an impression will be made of your mouth to create a mould that serves as the model to build custom dentures. Conventional or full dentures are placed in your mouth only after all the gum tissue has completely healed. This could take from several weeks to several months. Once all teeth have been removed, a mould made, and tissues healed, your denture is ready to be placed in your mouth.

There is also an option for immediate dentures that are ready to go in the same day teeth are removed. Regardless of the plan you create with your denturist, getting dentures requires a lot of planning and communication so you get the best end result. After that, it’s up to you to keep your dentures clean and maintain good oral hygiene as if you had regular teeth.

Finding A Trusted Denturist In Burlington And Oakville

What You Should Know About Conventional Dentures

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