Dental health has as much importance as any area of the body. Daily oral care and visiting the dentist twice yearly for cleanings is vital for overall health. Even if you take great care of your teeth, you may still encounter issues with your gums. Your lifestyle may also affect oral health. Certain medications, conditions, and behaviours can make general health a challenge.


How Lifestyle Impacts Dental Health

A high sugar diet can hurt teeth regardless of how often a person brushes and flosses. Sugar is the food that bacteria feeds on, and tooth decay is caused by acid produced by bacteria.

Smoking/Chewing Tobacco

Is Smoking Bad for Oral Health?

Tobacco use is another habit causing gum disease, which can rot teeth and cause oral cancer. Smoking is responsible 65% of the mouth cancers affecting Canadian residents. Cigars are also dangerous and known to cause cancer of the tongue and throat.


How Lifestyle Impacts Dental Health

Drinking alcohol can be another harmful habit. Alcohol dehydrates the mouth, leaving less saliva to flush away bacteria. This creates a favourable environment for tooth decay.


How Lifestyle Impacts Dental Health

Various medications have ingredients which affect oral health. Some will stain teeth while others create dry mouth. Always tell your dentist about any medications you’re taking. The dentist can recommend ways to counteract any ill effects from the medicine.

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