Practical Tips in Caring for Your DenturesDentures are made by taking a series of impressions of where the natural teeth are missing. Measurements of the jaw are taken and the space between them determined. Then, wax forms or plastic patterns are created in the exact position and shape the dentures need to be. This “model” has to be tested several times. After assessing the shape, color and fit, a final denture will be created by the Denturist.

Here are some great tips in caring for your dentures:

1. Always handle dentures very carefully. Place a folded towel over the sink in case you drop your dentures accidentally.

2. Just like natural teeth, brush and rinse dentures daily and preferably after meals. Gently brush the surface of the dentures and avoid using a toothbrush with hard bristles.

3. Toothpaste may actually be too abrasive for dentures. Use mild hand soap or dish washing liquid to clean them. Avoid using bleach and other household cleaners.

4. When not in use, dentures need to be kept moist so they don’t dry out. If they do, they could lose their shape. However, refrain from placing dentures in hot water because doing so will also ruin their shape.

5. Never attempt adjusting or repairing dentures on your own. If the dentures feel loose or if some of the parts feel like they are coming apart, always have them checked and fixed by your Denturist

Brush your gums, tongue and any teeth left normally with toothpaste. Always do this before putting your dentures on. Doing so, helps keep your mouth clean and healthy.

As always, still visit your Denturist at least twice a year. Listen to the for advice and if needed, ask them questions to improve your oral health care.