This is a tricky question loaded with many answers! Many people find it hard to acknowledge the fact that they could possibly need dentures - either partial ones or whole month ( complete ) ones. Embarrassment and cost factors are really the two main reasons for this. Daryl Bonnell (Denturist) at The Dental & Denture Office says, " This is a normal thought for people who wonder about dentures as an option." His advice is to book a consultation with him and feel free to ask questions that you want to without embarrassment or anxiety. He is there to help you by providing options and choices for you, so that you can make an informed decision. A decision that suits your needs practically and financially! Eating and socializing bring joy to life. Let the Dental & Denture Office help you achieve a healthy smile - with your own teeth or with the options of Partial or Complete Dentures. Dentist and Denturist under one roof If you have questions about your teeth, oral hygiene, implants, crowns, or dentures feel free to drop by the Dental and Denture Office @ James to book a free consult with our Dentist- Dr. Kal Bonnell or our Denturist - Daryl Bonnell. Together, in one convenient location our patients have the best of both worlds when it comes to dental or denture treatment options! Our Doctor or Denturist can promptly conference with each other in order to meet the individual needs or concerns of each of our patients. This is advantageous for all of our patients! One place, one stop......Don't hesitate to give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you and welcome any questions or concerns you may have!

Ill-fitting and wobbly dentures are a reality of many denture wearers. Today’s denture wearer can be confident and comfortable in cosmetic dentures that look like natural teeth. Modern dentures look much more natural and function better with continued maintenance. If you are not enjoying your food and social life to the fullest new dentures should be considered

#1 Health

Dentures that are worn-out, fit incorrectly, or are damaged can negatively affect your health. Worn out denture teeth will not allow you to chew your food efficiently and may cause trauma to the jaw joint . The longer new dentures are pushed back the more work, cost, and rehabilitation are required to return back to full function

#2 Replace missing or broken teeth

Missing teeth can make chewing and speaking clearly difficult. Replacing those teeth will improve your function and make everyday tasks (like eating and talking) much easier. Having a full set of beautiful new teeth can help you feel good and be confident about your smile.

Do I need Dentures?

#3 Regain your confidence

Self confidence is affected by the way we feel and look. If you’re in pain or don’t like how your teeth look, tooth loss is known to have serious social and psychological impacts. Dentures can bring back comfort and confidence by providing a functional, beautiful smile that brings back a self-assured you.

#4 Facial structure

When you lose a tooth, bone and gum tissues lose their resilience. This can then cause the jaw and bone to deteriorate. The distance from nose to chin decreases, and the lower third of the face can partially collapse. As a result, a youthful appearance can age rapidly. Prevent this facial deterioration by maintaining the proper vertical dimension with dentures, crown, or bridges

Reasons to Replace Your Dentures

Ask a dentist about what kind of denture is best for you, your looks, your happiness, and your health. Call for a consultation today at The Dental and Denture Office at (905) 330-3000.