Oral care is one of our most important daily routines since it impacts overall health. One small dental problem can easily balloon into a larger one. There are a number of dental issues that can and should be avoided. Tooth loss, in particular, may lead to more serious conditions when left untreated.

Warning Signs that Might Lead to Dentures in the Future

Poor Oral Hygiene

Those of us who don’t take care of our teeth are more likely to lose them. Bacteria builds up in the form of plaque and causes cavities. Additional buildup of bacteria can cause periodontal disease, which destroys supporting tissues (such as bones and ligaments).

Ignoring Cavities

Reasons We Lose Teeth

Cavities are holes in teeth caused by plaque, acids, and decay. It may seem like common sense to have cavities treated and filled by a dentist, but some people ignore this problem until it becomes excruciatingly painful and costly to fix. An untreated cavity can result in the need for a root canal, and possible tooth loss.

Smoking, Drinking and Drugs

Reasons We Lose Teeth

Some drugs, like methamphetamines, are known to quickly deteriorate people’s teeth. “Meth” aggressively attacks tooth enamel, and it is very acidic. This type of tooth destruction is so common among users that the term “meth mouth” was coined. Ecstasy, cocaine, crack, alcohol and heroin can lead to dry mouth, which significantly increases the chance of tooth deterioration. Use of these substances can also lead to jaw clenching and grinding, which harms teeth. When people rub cocaine against their gums, the gums and underlying bone develop ulcers. When cocaine and saliva mix, the result is a very acidic solution that erodes tooth enamel.

Tooth Grinding

Reasons We Lose Teeth

Tooth grinding (also known as bruxism) can destroy teeth by chipping away at the enamel. It makes the teeth more vulnerable to wear and weakens them.

Neglecting Missing Teeth

Do You Really Need to Replace Missing or Decaying Teeth?

If you don’t replace missing teeth, it can lead to the loss of other teeth. The remaining teeth will compensate for the missing one(s) and wear more easily. They also may be shift and cause gum issues and alignment problems.

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