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dental implants denta and denture

Dental implants have become a major dental procedure that offers huge benefits to patients, an alternative to the traditional use of dentures and bridges. It allows a patient an option to address any missing tooth, much like having an original tooth with its strong foundation for any replacement teeth that can match the strength and appearance of the natural teeth.

What is more, a dental implant may greatly improve appearance and allow one to speak confidently without worry. It is comfortable which allows a patient to eat properly and able to chew on the food. And very importantly, it enhances dental health while allowing one to enjoy a better self-esteem.

With the use of innovative materials and advances in dental techniques, a dental implant may serve a patient well. It has been known to succeed in almost 98 percent of cases. And here at the Dental and Denture Office, we make sure that dental implants would benefit any patient. We have the latest equipment for this procedure and have kept up to date with the developments in the field, with the end of satisfying our patients. Call us or visit our office in Oakville and Burlington.