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Get Your Smile Back with our Denture & Repair Services

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We all know that a beautiful smile is one that shows a complete set of healthy white teeth. But, much as we may hate it, there may come a time when our teeth simply have to be taken out. This may be because of an accident, disease, poor oral health, or a bad diet brought on by a busy lifestyles and hectic schedule. If this is the case it’s safer and easier to remove the teeth.

If you have to have a tooth or a few teeth extracted, don’t worry! With the advancement in dental technology, you don’t have to lose your smile because you lost a few pearly whites. Realistic looking dentures can be used to replace the teeth you lost, so you won’t have to worry about your appearance or your health. We can help you with our denture and repair services in Oakville and Burlington – just come to the Dental and Denture Office.

After a check up, we can decide how best to proceed so you’ll regain that beautiful smile with a complete set of teeth through the use of dentures. What’s more, unlike what you may have heard about dentures, you will be able to
chew more efficiently with the aid of dentures This will also correct any facial defects the loss of teeth may have caused and allow you to speak without worrying about slipping dentures,remove or showing gaps in your teeth.

When you visit the Dental and Denture Office you get the best denture and repair services in Burlington and you will feel much better about the loss of your teeth.

If you haven’t lost your teeth yet, we may be able to get away with a partial extraction, where only a few teeth come out, rather than a full extraction. At the Dental and Denture Office, we make sure that all patients get the best denture services in Oakville and Burlington and they get the most pleasant experience possible while having a set of dentures made.

We use the most modern procedures so removing teeth and getting dentures is as painless and effective as possible.

While waiting for your new dentures, temporary dentures may be used which allow your gums to heal, without
revealing your missing teeth. Temporary dentures are more commonly known as immediate dentures. They are provided for the patient the same day that their teeth are moved.

Don’t suffer any longer with painful or missing teeth, start enjoying your life again with the best denture services in Burlington and Oakville. It’s time start smiling again!