Is Smoking Bad for Oral Health?

Smoking can cause a variety of medical conditions, but many of us are unaware how it impacts an individual’s dental health. If you’re a smoker, it’s important to take extra precautions to protect your teeth, gums and overall well being.

Bad Breath

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No number of “Tic Tacs,” candies, mint flavour gum, or breath sprays can fully combat the effect of smoking on one’s breath. Unfortunately, it provides a breeding ground for bacteria. Mouthwash and regular visits to the dentist can help combat embarrassing halitosis.

Impact on Oral Surgery

Is Smoking Bad for Oral Health?

From extracting a wisdom tooth to taking care of gingivitis, oral surgeries are common among the general population. However, the amount of healing time for certain procedures is lengthened for smokers. This is the result of reduced blood flow. It’s important for smokers to be honest with their healthcare providers about their habit, so doctors can inform their patients about how to reduce pain and heal quickly.

Yellow and Damaged Teeth

Is Smoking Bad for Oral Health?

One of the major effects of smoking includes stained or yellow teeth. Aside from cosmetic concerns, smokers have a 16 percent higher rate of dental problems than non-smokers.

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