dental implantsDental implants have opened up a more options for people suffering from dental problems. Implants have been proven to provide better long term success than root canals. The implants are constructed of titanium, a metal that is easily tolerated by our body which allows proper bone-implant union. This allows for an ideal platform to begin restoration. The outcome will be a replacement tooth that will preform much like the old tooth. Once again you can enjoy eating socializing with out a worry.

Dental implants are designed to last your entire life. More and more people are considering having dental implants to replace missing teeth. The fact that dental implants feel very natural to the public may have contributed to this. After all the proper treatment planning and bone analysis, the success of dental implants can be as high as 95% – 98%.

Dental ImplantsPrior to getting a dental implant, you may want to ask those who already have one first. It is the best way to have a second-hand glimpse as to what having an artificial tooth implant will be like. Everyone is different though so if you do hear a negative experience do not make your decision solely on that. Make sure to go to a specialists that makes you feel comfortable and is able to answer any and all of your concerns.

So, are you ready now? We can help you with your dental implant needs. We are always thrilled to provide our clients with the best approach to missing teeth. Our clinic and a team of highly skilled and talented professionals can ensure a complete patient satisfaction. We, at Dental and Denture Office, believe that every person has right to feel comfortable and confident in their own smile.