Being a teenager comes with a lot of challenges and new beginnings. We learn a lot more about ourselves, and we start to think about future careers. Although we don’t know what will happen in ten, twenty or thirty years, one thing is for sure: the decisions we make today will have an impact on our future.

While keeping up with good hygiene is something we must always strive to do, dental health is essential to our overall wellness as we grow older. Following these three tips will improve your general health now and down the road:

1. “You Are What You Eat”

Three Tips for Teens & Their Teeth

Even though it’s a cliche, what you put in your mouth has a huge effect on how your body works. While sugar may be your favourite, it is one of the top enemies of teeth. Eating too much sugar can damage teeth and cause a lot of pain. Nobody has time for pain when we’re studying, competing in sports, or applying to universities. You have a lot more important things to do than spend endless hours suffering from mouth pain. A healthy and balanced diet will keep you feeling good and protect your chompers. When you choose foods like cheese, raw fruits and vegetables, and yogurt, you are giving your teeth the nutrition they need for a long-lasting white smile. The key word here is balance. Too much of anything can be bad. Try to always keep a balance with everything you eat.

2. Get Proper Orthodontal Care

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Teens need a professional to correct teeth that didn’t grow in the right direction, or to create space for other teeth that need more room to grow. Going to the orthodontist, if needed, is a must. Not only will they straighten teeth and give you a gorgeous smile, they will be able to tell you how to keep your equipment clean and looking fabulous. Times have changed; there are many new treatments to keep your amazing smile without pain or discomfort.

3. Use Mouthguards

Three Tips for Teens & Their Teeth

A great majority of teens participate in sports. It is essential to buy the proper mouthguard to protect your smile. These guards usually cover all your teeth and are designed to prevent you from fracturing a tooth, hurting your lips, or having achy gums. Moreover, if you have braces or if you need a guard to prevent from grinding teeth while sleeping, your dentist can recommend the best mouthguard to protect you. Mouthguards come in many colours and styles; using one can be a fashion statement.

Three Tips for Teens & Their Teeth

While the eyes are the windows to our souls, our smiles are revealing, too. As we face the world and begin new adventures, a great smile will make a positive first impression on employers, professors, and other people who can help on your path. It’s only fair to yourself that you take care of your teeth.

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