Dental dentures are artificially-made replacements for our gums and teeth. Dentists or orthodontists recommend using dentures if you have been involved in an accident, or have poor dental health, or have a disease that leaves you with only a few surviving healthy and natural teeth. Using dentures are also ideal if your gums and jawline experience significant erosions, making it difficult to have implants and crowns. Replacing an entire teeth row can also be accomplished with dental dentures.

Who are the best candidates for dentures?

With it being a relatively non-invasive dental device, dentures are best for individuals who do not wish to undergo a more invasive procedure like getting dental implants. The elderly, who prefer not to sit still in the dental chair for a long while, are ideal denture candidates. Also candidates for dentures are people with badly eroded teeth and jaws which crowns and dental bridges will be difficult to perform.

Dentures are also suitable for persons who miss a row of a number of teeth, the entire bottom, or the entire top line of teeth. In those cases, getting a whole set of dentures is easier and inexpensive than having to try and rebuild each tooth that were lost.

Do they last long?

Dentures can last for many years as long as they are well fitted to a person’s gum line as well as care for it properly. Visiting the dentist regularly also helps to ensure that all aspects are great and that the denture wearer feels right in wearing it.

There is also a device called denture liner, which your dentist may recommend so as to prolong the denture’s life. The denture liner is used by refitting dentures to your oral tissues. For minor cracks and fractures, denture repair kits can fix them; these are made available in leading drug stores or in dental service clinics in your area, like those in Oakville. It is advised though that your dentist will be the first to know of any denture problems that occur.

Dentures though are not limited for the elderly. People of all ages and all walks of life may be in need of it due to accidents, pathologic conditions, or a poor dental lifestyle. Good oral hygiene must be enforced, as well as regular dental checkups so as to prevent from having tooth and gum diseases. Having a routine dental hygiene also avoids you from coming in and out of the dental clinic to constantly check on your dentures.