Do I need Dentures?

There will always be an adjustment period with new denture. It takes time to adjust the new fit and arrangement of the teeth. The adjustment period will be different depending on the type of dentures (full, partial, or implant supported dentures). The most important thing is to contact your Denturist and discuss what kind of challenges or changes to expect.

If you feel that your dentures do not fit properly don’t just leave in silence, open up a discussion with your Denturist or Dentist. More often than not it is a result of a misunderstanding from either side. Once you have made the adjustment to your new dentures you must learn the steps and maintenance required to make them last many years.

Maintenance for the Denture Wearer

• Brush dentures daily and rinse them after eating to help keep them clean and have fresh breath.

• Practice good oral hygiene. Just like with natural teeth, the entire mouth should be brushed regularly with an extra soft toothbrush.

Warning Signs that Might Lead to Dentures in the Future

• Soak your dentures in a proper cleansing fluid overnight to remove plaque and bacteria.

• ONLY use adhesive when your dentures are fitting properly. Adhesive can be used to help seal food out and give added confidence with it is needed.

• Hydrate your mouth for both comfort and proper speech. Dry mouth is common condition, so drinking plenty of liquids is recommended to keep the mouth moist and maintain denture suction.

• Cut food into smaller pieces and avoid very chewy or hard foods. Chewing on both sides of the mouth helps keep the dentures centered and in place.

• Practice speaking by reading aloud. This will help get the tongue and mouth muscles used to the new feeling of dentures.

• Get regular dental checkups. The denturist will check both the fit and your mouth for any irritation, and make recommendations for any changes that need to be made to improve your denture wearing experience.

What You Should Know About Conventional Dentures

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